To Mount A Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

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Antique Queen Size Metal Bed

Queen size metal bed – To do this project, starting with fit the gable braces to the shoulder rivets at the end of the rails. With the bolt through each of the two holes between the bracket and rivets, secure the gable brackets. Screw a washer and nut on each bolt. Attach nut and bolt with a wrench. Depending on the size of the gable, the gavel brackets can be installed facing left or right. Second, slide an end guard at the end of each gate. The gauze will protect the metal from pulling your sheets.

Or also cutting yourself if you do not mind it. Turn the two cross arms on each side of the railroad to a 90 degree angle. Place two side sills on the ground parallel to each other. Connect the crossbar. These by putting the two pegs on both cross arms in the two holes at the end of the cross arms of the opposite side of the railroad. When the pins are in the hole, pull the side rails in the opposite direction. These to lock the pins in the holes. Third, load the crossbar between the crossbars of queen size metal bed.

There should be a hole on each side of the railroad to secure the cross support. Fit the holes on the cross support and the rail side. Put a bolt in each hole. Attach a washer and nut to the bolt with a key to secure the cross support in place. The last is, put the glider or the wheels that came with your bed. Put the downward bed frame leg into the hole of each handle. And seriously will ensure the slider on the queen size metal bed frame legs. For wheels put the plastic sleeve in each queen size metal bed frame leg. And then put a wheel in each plastic socket.

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