To Build Race Car Bed Twin

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Red Race Car Bed Twin

Race car bed twin – Starting with measure and label the various components. Split 2-times-4 folds in two along and mark a 53-inch (long rails) and a 27-inch section (short rails). At 1-of-8 tables, you can notice a 33-inch (wing) and a 6 x 30-inch section (nose). Shelf (also cut from 1-of-8) measures 4-of-30 inches. Mark a rectangle on 3/8-inch plywood measuring 29 3/4-of-53 7/8 inches (mattress support). Remaining piece of plywood is used for headboard (14 3/8-by-30 inch), shelf back (5 1/2 of 30 inches) and the outline of the car sides. The car shape is free as long as it has a rear wing that raises high enough to support a shelf.

Cut out the car pagess. Put your nose into one of the short shining trellis and nails. Attach the sides of race car bed twin to long rails in the same way. Measuring the height you want the mattress to sit and tie long shines it. Nail and glue headed other card out (rail flush with bottom of headboard). Drill pocket holes on the inside edges of the card shades. Pocket holes are angled as a screw fits in. Collect bed frame with drilling screws through pocket holes and in long rails. Drill pocket holes at the top edge of the headboard and screw it to the upper edge of the car sides.

Place the mattress support on the rails. Screw it in place so that it is secure. Screw the base to the top of the headboard. The front of the shelf should flush with the top of the headboard. Fasten the shelf back to the back edge of the shelf. Pull pocket holes on the outer edges of the base and screw the car sides. Fill the exposed screw hole with three sparkles. Sand the entire surface of the bed removes all so-so pieces. Last, so, paint the bed to look like a race car bed twin.

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