Build An Assemble The Mattress Frame Of King Size Bunk Bed

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Terrific King Size Bunk Bed

King size bunk bed – A king size bed is definitely an unconventional piece of furniture. But it saves more than 40 square meters of floor space. This project will take a couple of hours. These plans are for pine and plywood, the cheapest forest available. But you can replace more expensive timber for a more chromed finished product.

Assemble the mattress frame of king size bunk bed instruction is, set both 80-inch beams and two 73-inch beams in a rectangle located at the narrow end. The short beams must be in longer beams. Two, screw the rectangle into place with two screws in each assembly. Drill screws through faces long beams and in the middle of the ends of the short beams. Three, insert a 73-inch beam into rectangular frame, parallel to and 15 inches from one of the 73-inch beams in the frame.

Turn it in place as you did the other beams. Repeat step three to the other three 73-inch beams, place each boom 15 inches from the beam installed before it. Lay the plywood top on the frame, the edges flush with the edge of the beams. Screw it into place with a screw in each corner. Last, strengthen the plywood. Place two screws in each 76-inch end, located 25 and 50 inches from the end. Place three screws on each 80-inch side, placed 20, 40 and 60 inches from the end. And the assemble the mattress frame of king size bunk bed was done.

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