How to Sew Aqua Coverlet

Jul 14th

Bedspreads make a room look clean and nicely decorated, but some bedspreads are expensive. Making a homemade aqua coverlet is simple, quick and does not require cutting or sewing. If a person is really short of money, recycle old sheets or purchase sheets at a local savings store. Have children choose rac ric or trim, and create quilts for fun. The finished bedspread fits a double bed. This project does not require special skills, and anyone is able to do this project. Iron the leaf wrinkles. Lay the sheet on the floor with the finished side up and the top of the sheet back to you.

Measure 4 inches toward the center of the sheet from the left edge. Place a mark on the sheet with a pencil. Measure and mark the lower left side of the sheet in the same way. Draw a line from the top line of the bottom line with the pencil. Repeat the procedure on the right side of the sheet, and at the bottom of the sheet.3 Open the rac or cord adjustment, and place it on the side of the blade. Draw a line of glue along the pencil line at the bottom of the sheet. Glue the rac ric or cord adjustment to the other side of the line, and exert pressure on the trim. Repeat the procedure on the left and right sides of the sheet.

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Allow the glue to dry overnight before using the bedspread. The fabric glue is flexible when dry, so it works well with items like bedspreads. Sew along the edges of the fabric, working through the front, back, and seat of the aqua coverlet ideas. Use a stitch at the beginning and end of the seam by making two or three stitches and then reverse the seam back over those two or three stitches before continuing with the seam. This is done to prevent the seam from undoing. Leave the top edge open.

Turn on the right blanket. Sew the top edge closed by hand. To attach this edge by hand, thread a hand sewing needle with thread that matches the bottom of the homemade aqua coverlet. Use small, sharp stitches to close the seam. Anchor the inner seam thread to the back panel of the quilt by sewing three stitches in the same place, one to the other. To make an invisible seam, make sure that 1/4 of an inch is folded over into the quilt. To ensure this happens, you can fold 1/4 inch inward, toward the center of the quilt with the top and bottom of the aqua coverlet and press in place with an iron. To sew, take a short stitch with the needle through the folded edge of the top of the quilt and then a short stitch through the folded edge of the bottom of the quilt. Continue through the open edge until you have completely closed the quilt. Anchor the thread once more, and trim the excess thread with the scissors.

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