Coral Coverlet Plan Ideas

Jul 13th

In cold weather a good warm and soft coral coverlet will make a noticeable difference so today we will learn how to make a quick and easy padding. If on sale there are no blankets, suitable to the interior of your room or bed size, you can make this product yourself. Here you will be asked only skills rectangular pieces and simple visualization of the seam in the sewing machine. Select the fabric from which the fabric is to be sewn. Optimally, if the outside will be made of the quality of the beautiful fabric, while the reverse can be made easier, preferably non-slip leather fabric, so that the product was not about to leave the surface of the bed. In addition, you can make a veil in the good technique for this, previously sew the front of the multitude of colors with logic.

Wash the fabric in which way it will be processed after the coral coverlet sits. This prevents material shrinkage in the future. Measure the bed. For convenience, the schematic representation of the subject of interiors can be subdivided. Think what kind of coverlet is needed. It is the easiest option normal rectangle rounded at the edges. You can also complicate the task and, if the bed design allows, sew a coral coverlet with borders around the perimeter. In this case, in addition to that of the rectangle the size of the bed surface, it needs more rectangular. Its length corresponds to the sum of the lengths of the three sides that the tracks close.

Choose best coral coverlet material. If the bandwidth is not enough, sew two strips of fabric. Make sure the direction of the warp and the weft. If you sheet veil with the lips, first sew together the details of the fabric and interior face. Remember that when removing the size you should add the one of a few centimeters to each side for the seams and on the clothes.

Decorative the surface of the veils. You can embroider on it patterns or lace. If you want to make stegannois veil, it is best to draw the line after the front and the reverse of the part are sewn together. Sew between the front and the purest of the piece. Leave a small opening to remove the veil. Decorate the edge of the veils. You can use braid or lace. Another option of edge treatment is the design with the help of bakey.