Best Ways to Clean Old Linen Coverlet

Jul 12th

Depending on the age and fabrics covered in the blanket, you may not want to use an older blanket on your bed anymore, even if it is a wonderful way to add warmth to your home furnishings. When storing your older blankets, remember to remove them regularly to make sure they have not been stained or wrinkled. When hanging or showing your linen coverlet, try to keep them away from direct sunlight as it will pale the fibers and make them break down faster.

The best ways to clean old linen coverlet, vacuuming your blanket is the gentlest way to clean it. And then put your quilt in a clean place that has enough space to spread the blanket completely. If the blanket is brittle or has ornaments, place a nylon or plastic screen over the top. Then use a handheld vacuum with a brush to dust the blanket. Make sure the vacuum suction is set to the lid. You should vacuum your quilt more often if it is hanged or displayed and is open to dust or dirt.

Washing your linen coverlet is more dangerous for the fibers, especially with antique quilts. And before washing the blanket, test an unobtrusive spot for colorfastness. Use 1/2 oz. mild liquid soap per gallon of distilled or filtered water. Wash the blanket in a container big enough to hold the entire blanket. And then you may find that a bathtub is just right for this activity. Do not agitate the rug because it can damage fragile fabrics; Instead, rinse the blanket by pressing down the fabric with the edge of your hand. Remove remaining water by wiping a towel and pushing it gently against the cover. Always wipe wet blankets carefully to avoid stretching or pulling the fabric. Allow the blanket to dry on a clean and flat surface.

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If your linen coverlet very old, be sure not to handle it more than necessary. And if you store your blankets folded, remember to refold them every two months so that the fabric does not permanently fold. Then wash your hands frequently and before touching your quilt to keep dirt and grease from getting caught in it. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking around the blanket. If you need to write or take notes about a blanket, use only pencil to avoid staining the blanket with ink. Always put the covers on clean, dry surfaces.