Simple Lime Green Bed Skirt

Jul 11th

Bed skirts are decorative bedding that you can attach to your bedroom decor and make a finished bedroom appearance. They are also an easy and elegant way to hide the mess under the bed, bed frames and bedsteads. More home decor and department stores carry a range of lime green bed skirt to accommodate various decorative schemes, but they are often expensive. And since bed skirts are not entirely necessary, many people choose to do without. If you already have a bed skirt that you like but prefer to use it on a smaller bed, alter it to fit instead of buying a new one.

Measure the length of your new lime green bed skirt starting from a corner foot of the bed of the bed skirt and measuring along the sides toward the bed headboard. Measure along the seam following the frame of the bed instead of the bottom for greater accuracy. For a queen bed skirt, the length should equal a king bed skirt to 80 inches. For a full or double size bed, measure to 75 inches and mark with a pin. If the bed skirt has a design or center fold that should remain centered, you should remove the fabric skirt panel from the fabric (under the mattress) center using a skimmer, which quickly cuts seams without damaging the tissue.

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By shortening the side panel 2 1/2 inches from each end and reinsert pins and sew along the existing seam line. Cut in a straight line across the width of the bed skirt to remove any excess length. Finish the raw edges only on the visible part of the lime green bed skirt linen by folding in 1/4 inch keep bad sides together pressing the flat hem and 1/8 inch from the edge of the seam. Measure the width of your new bed skirt starting from a corner foot of the bed of the bed skirt and measuring it along the feet of the bed. Again, measure along the seam that follows the frame of the bed instead of at the edge that covers the floor for greater accuracy.

For a lime green bed skirt ruffle measures 60 inches. Size 12 inches narrower than the king. For a full-size bed skirt measures 54 inches, and for a double size skirt bed measures 39 inches. Mark with a pin. If the bed skirt has a design or crease that is centered, measure from the center of the bottom panel and mark with a pin at both ends. Lift the side of the bed skirt opposite the side you measured just to reveal the hidden under the edge of the bed footboard.

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