How to Sew Linen Bed Skirt

Jul 8th

Fashions home design follows the clothing. The sit puff skirt led to the linen bed skirt. These fully fluffy dust pads are perfect for dressing up the bed in a teenage girl room. They can be quite flat, flat bed skirt with a full rounded hemisphere or a full puff of fabric that protrudes several inches from the bed. Sewing a dust ruffs, or bed skirt, a towel will help keep it in place on the spring box.


Measure the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. Double this measurement and add 3 inches for a slightly full linen bed skirt with a small seat puff. You can add up to 14 inches for a very full skirt. This measurement will be the width of the fabric to the dress. Cut the fabric for your skirt width you calculated and 11 feet tall for a double bed. Fold the fabric on the middle by the long sides of the fabric together with the right side of the fabric. Cut a length of tulle the same length as your bed skirt and fold it. Assemble loosely by hand in a long rope and place it in the fold of the fabric. Do not twist it as you collect it; you want it to blow out when you release it. For a very full skirt use two or three lengths of tulle.

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Assemble the top edge of the dress by machine basting 8/5 inches from the top edge of the skirt. Sew another row of wool stitches in the seam allowance 1/4 inch from the first row. Pull the bobbin threads on the rows of stitches to collect the linen bed skirt set of the bed to about half of its original length. As you collect the dress, lint wool inside the dress by pulling out the fabric. Put mounted sheets on the spring box and mark the top edge of the box spring with pin, carefully so as not to stick through the fabric cover on the spring box. You can put it on the mattress instead of the box spring, if it’s easier.

Fold skirt in half to find the center of the line of wrinkles and mark this point with a pin. Start pinning the dress to the sheet by placing the center of the dress at the center of the foot of the bed. Straighten the seam with the pins you place in the duvet cover. The ridge of dust ruffle should point towards the center of the bed. The dress will fold down over the seam when the linen bed skirt frame is on the bed. Pin the dress along the end of the bed and along each side. Six inches of the dress should stretch around the head of the bed on each side. Do not try to squeeze the furniture fabric.

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